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The Trojan war:

The Trojan War is an interactive book designed for kids between ages 5 and 12. It tells a mythical story through a series of playful animations.

The narrative power of mythology is enhanced by the rich user experience offered by the tablet.

The illustrations in the interactive book are based to a large extent on those found on antique Greek vases. This app is a good way to introduce children to the ancient Greek art, with its refined aesthetic, in an informal and fun manner.

The Trojan War
It opposes the Greeks and the Trojans. This epic story has been told for many centuries. It has many different versions and twists. The iliad is the most famous, written by Homer. Our version is obviously very simplified. In particular, it focusses on the involvement of the Gods in the conflict. 

Greek Vases ? Why bother ?
The Greek vases have strong historical significance ; they have played a major role in the conception of modern museums. For example, it can be argued that their acquisition in the XVIIIth century started the transformation of the British Museum from a historical archive of books and manuscripts, into a great museum of art.

The vases's illustrations have also played a major role in artistic creation, being a source of inspiration for many artists to this day.



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